A bigger Harry Potter feast: the whole picture

After a talk with a friend, and a quick search on the internet, I found a reason to host another Harry Potter feast!  At Hogwarts, the summer term starts in April and ends in June.  We’re throwing an April 1st Start-of-Summer-Term feast for kids.  The timing is perfect because this marks the end of our two week March break and we can spend time over the holidays making decorations and preparing for the party.
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The spy phase: gadgets

We’ve moved into the world of spy gadgets.

Of course there are all the must-have household items:  magnifying glass, binoculars, gloves, pen & notebook, flashlight, false book, lemon juice invisible ink and dress up clothes.  At a birthday party this past weekend, I learned about cocoa powder, a brush and scotch tape for lifting finger prints!  Super fun.  (I used a drop of honey to make the finger prints stand out more)

But if you’re looking for gift ideas … here’s what we think of a few spy gadgets we’ve purchased.

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